When Disaster Strikes

RSUI is here to achieve a resolution for you and your customers.

Our claims professionals are here to deliver on our contractual promises in a fair and thoughtful manner.

You Have a Claim. Now What?

  • Each claim properly submitted is reviewed by a team leader and assigned to a claim professional to generate a claim number. Claims assistants will issue an acknowledgment letter to the Insured and broker advising of the particular adjuster assigned and summarizing received materials. Timeliness is very important in getting a claim adequately recognized.  
  • Claims professionals review documentation and determine if coverage will be triggered or if they need additional information to complete the coverage investigation. 
  • If coverage is confirmed, we will acknowledge as much and may issue a reservation of rights letter. The claims handler will contact the insured to discuss the claim and to advise appointed counsel. We will promptly issue a coverage disclaimer if the claim is not covered. 

“In working with the RSUI adjusters, we find them to be highly experienced in their respective lines of business. We have been impressed with their overall knowledge of claims and their professionalism.”


Alan Gray, LLC