A Culture of Collaborators

Our Culture

We are a company of creative problem solvers that work together towards a common goal. Guided by our core values, we have created a special place to work and do business. Whether you are partnering with us or thinking about joining the team, you will find there are many things that set RSUI apart from the rest.

Our Core Values


When you work for a place where people come first, your career becomes more than just a job. You are more than just an employee. Our people are the foundation of our culture as they bring our Mission and Vision to life. RSUI employees are known for going the extra mile creating touchpoints of personal sincerity that create lasting relationships with each other and our customers.  


When it comes to our business, service is defined by our ability to respond quickly to each other and our customers. 


Doing what is right is only part of how we define integrity. Integrity requires honor, ethics, dedication, and professionalism. It means we are reliable, trustworthy, and dependable; integrity not only means knowing what is right but also then acting upon that knowledge. However phrased, it’s at the heart of all we do at RSUI.

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Collaborative Problem-Solving

We work together with our brokers to find the opportunity in every challenge and risk.

Unparalleled Work Ethic

We’re known for going the extra mile and exceeding expectations with our signature speed of response and service.

People-First Perspective

We prioritize people in every interaction and create personalized touchpoints to build relationships that last.

Join Our Team

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Partner with Us

As a wholesale only insurance carrier, we rely solely on our brokers to get our products to market.